Retaining Walls

At Coal Creek Excavation we know Retaining Walls are a crucial part of flood mitigation and properly maintaining your properties soil integrity and esthetic appeal. Retaining walls prevent erosion damage to your structures by saving foundations from excessive water flow allowing the soil to completely erode away. Retaining walls are also very useful at preventing erosion damage to your driveway. Driveway repairs are extremely common and can in most cases be minimized by a well built and properly placed retaining wall. As well as being a great flood mitigating and erosion control element, retaining walls can also really help you add a decorative aspect to your property. It will give your property multiple levels that you can then Hydro seed and plant erosion control shrubs to even further assist in the flood mitigation of your property. There are a number of ways to build retaining walls all varying in style and price. We can construct Red Rock boulder retaining walls, formed concrete retaining walls, masonry stone retaining walls, and rail road tie retaining walls. We can also build retaining walls using recycled boulders from your property if you have an ample supply providing you with an eco-friendly and cost effective retaining wall solution. When it comes to your retaining wall needs no matter the size or location or purpose intended, Coal Creek Excavation will provide you with top notch service and a quality product that will protect your property for years to come.